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Played bouree since a young kid. Parents would play with same group every weekend. Kids would play outside or play at another table. Once we were old enough to drink with our parents (not yet 21) we were old enough to play with them.

Same rules as above, always follow suit and play to win or you renege and put up the pot or the pot limit.

Also played 31 or Cadillac from time to time. For that game everyone started with 4 quarters. Lose a hand put up a quarter. Knock and lose a hand put up 2 quarters. Last person with money gets the pot. Then start over.

Still play bouree at the camp. Have camp suppers on Thursday nights year long. I keep a bag of quarters in my truck so I am always ready to play.

Grandpa has some bouree trophies he has won. Think one was from a tournament at casino.
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