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Originally Posted by Gottogo49 View Post
I just lost a friend to suicide and it made me think.
I also lost my mom and a younger sister to smoking induced lung cancer which is just like suicide only much slower. If you knew that you were going to commit suicide you would probably take the quicker and less painless route. I don’t smoke so I can’t speak from personal experience other than seeing my mother and sister suffer through a terrible disease and death. I know it’s not easy, my mom quit a couple of times but started back each time. She went through Chemo and radiation and had the demon in remission for a year or so but it came back as it often does. So if you smoke, please for your family’s sake, stop that bullet in mid-flight right now. My prayers are with you.
You are so right! Im in the quitting process now. Thanks for sharing, i needed to read this!
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