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Originally Posted by MathGeek View Post
Several years ago, my wife and I were teaching at a Christian school, and our children were also attending. Some Catholic teachers caused a stir, getting us fired and our children kicked out of the school, because we raised a question of conscience and asked that our children be excused from singing a song in the Christmas program (Queen of heaven, blessed may thou be) and also would not allow one of our children to attend a "Festival of Saturnalia" that a Catholic teacher had planned in place of the usual class Christmas party.
There you go. The catholic organization has tried to turned everything in the way of thinking and when someone asks questions they want to kick them out. Well they didn't have to kick me out, I started seeing things the right way a few years back and got baptized (yes full immersion, like the Bible teaches, and not just a few drops of water on the forehead) and starting living in Jesus's style of living.
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