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Originally Posted by redaddiction View Post
All the fishing report groups on Facebook have taken the place of websites. Those Facebook pages get dozens of posts a day. Although it?s usually just a picture of the fish and no report to go with it.

Yea I believe bayou bucks is gone. Sad to see. Sorry to say I don?t post much on here either. I like the site but I kind of feel the same as most who post on websites and see the full repercussions of those post. I don?t have Facebook either. I?m not big on people knowing my every move. My wife has finally come to see the way I see about Facebook as well. She got rid of hers finally. To much drama and we thought we didn?t want our kids to see us using that as they grow up and for them to think that that kind of social media is normal. Hopefully they can make their own decisions on that when they get older. Better decisions.

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