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Originally Posted by ckinchen View Post
Premium Membership may be obtained by clicking the green "Go Premium!" link in the navigation bar at the top of the forum. Additionally, premium memberships are sometimes given away in various contests or other special circumstances. Premium membership helps support the costs of running the forum, so it is only fair that premium members are allowed certain perks, including:

  • Access to the Gill Net and Sports Bar, private forums only Premium Members can see. Sports discussion is not allowed outside of the sports bar.
  • Larger Private Message Storage Allowance
  • Larger Avatar Size Allowance
  • Use of Signatures
  • Use of Invisible Mode
  • Faster Salty Cash Accrual
  • Use of Custom User Title
  • Bold Green Username
  • Use of Social Groups
  • Larger Profile Picture Size
  • Other Perks as Determined by the Administrator
  • $300 SC cash bonus for a one year or more membership
Go Premium in support of Saltycajun, so we can continue to grow the site and enjoy the benefits of supporting the site.

Thanks to all of our sponsers and Premium members and encourage our non-premium to give it a try.
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