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Originally Posted by LouisianaSportsman View Post
To "W". I'm afraid to say the marshes have been DYING off mainly because we have something called a ship channel that is an unnatural highway for saltwater. (Obviously) The native vegetation in the marshes can't survive with the salinity levels the ship channel brings. Therefore the marsh would die even further without these weirs. Massive habitat loss = no fish for anyone. The weirs correcting salinity levels is projected to have a net benefit of 2,602 acres in 20 years..... instead of the opposite effect plus some if they were never installed. Learn to fish the whole lake and not one spot. Also the Calcasieu estuary is a huge, productive ecosystem as a whole and not solely dependent on one marsh with a few weirs.
Uhhhh...your preaching to the wrong one..I don't fish the "weirs " ...but keeping them closed for a long period of time will cause problems
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