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It is really not hard to do yourself. Just look how the existing lights are wired up. Maybe take a few pictures and make a simple drawing. Do one light at a time. Leave some extra wire doubled up in case you ever need to make a repair. Get some "heat shrink" wire connectors and use a lighter to shrink them after you make the connections. Maybe watch a You tube video.

When you get one side done..... do the other side. Make sure you leave a little extra wire up by the trailer hitch so the wiring is long enough to make sharp turns with the boat trailer.

When I bought my last boat, the first thing I did was make metal brackets to raise the lights up just above the sides of the boat so that the lights never go under water when launch the boat. In 8 years, I have only had the lights not work a couple of times. I fixed bad wires and still working good.
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