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Originally Posted by Wrh View Post
In what way does ducks unlimited ruin your duck season?
Yea, what's your problem Stanman? If you cared at all about ducks and duck hunting you would donate your hard earned money to DU and its $400k/year CEO. How do you think the ducks get down here dude? Well besides the way like they've done for 1,000's of years before DU. But it's different now bro. Have you even heard of Global Warmimg? If you call yourself a real duck hunter then there's just no way you can pass up donating and helping Jim Bel improve the Hackberry Hilton. He needs your help. It's just $45.........on top of the $15 more you already paid for duck stamp this year thanks to DU.

Oh and when you're done writing that check, fill out this quick survey for the commission to wipe their a$$ with.
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