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Think of it this way..........

Who would rather have making dicision about the state's Natural Resources [fishing & hunting stuff]? A group of people that have a background and experience in some area of "Natural Resources" or some politicans that may have little or no experience with the state's natural resources?

Easy choice......IMO.

Short story about one member of our Legislature.......

While logged on to the "Legislature" web site, I was lessening to the House Natural resources committee talk about a bill. This bill [as most Louisiana laws have] imposed a small fine [~ $ 25] for the violation and/or some possible jail time.

Everyone was in favor of this bill but one WOMEN member. She thought "JAIL" time was too harsh for such a "small" minor infraction. The other committee members tried to explain that having possible jail time was the only way to "make" people pay the fines. After 10 minutes of discussion and explaining the reason for "jail time" as part of the penality......she still objected to that part of the bill.
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