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Originally Posted by fishinpox View Post
A few months back I dropped 20 lbs ... No exercise . Fruit n yogurt for breakfast , 3 grilled chicken snack wraps w/o any sauce for lunch and grilled chicken or fish w veggies for dinner.... No cokes!!!! Lots of water . I bought a elliptical machine but my lungs couldn't handle it once I quit smoking I'll be runnin on that thing fer sure . I also started to watch my portion size . Dropped from a 38 pants to a 34
Thats almost the diet I use when i'm trying to lose, throw in a sweet potato for lunch, or some brown rice for carbs, 6 oz of lean meat, a cup of greens every meal, plus 2 protein shakes with 40grams of protein each a day. eat a total of 6 meals possibly 7 a day. 45 minutes of cardio a day after 45 minutes of weight training.
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