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I'm an old guy and smoked almost as much weed as I did cigarettes. Drank a little, but would get horrific hangovers.

I had quit smoking once for 8 years. On new years eve the kids ran out of punks for their fireworks. I bought a couple of packs of cigarettes for them to light 'em. The next day I smoked 3 packs while watching the football games. Right where I had let off 8 years prior.

A couple of years later, Exxon started pee testing so, I quit everything at the same time. Like Montauk17 said, once you solidly make up your mind, it's not the big deal you think it would be. Quitting the little drinking I did was a non-issue.

My wife had nothing to do with helping me quit either. In fact, if anything, she probably caused me to want to go back and get loaded a couple of times. You can do it Brother. I'm tellin ya, it just ain't that hard of a thing.
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