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Originally Posted by CajunSaint View Post
It's not a large area, but it is for an inspection to sell my home.
ok, well that negates my cautionary note lol.

I did A/C and HTG work for 35 years and the one thing I see as trash is blown in insulation because it never stays where it belongs.

near the eves of the house if you have decent ventilation the insulation gets blown into the outside boxing as well as further into the attic so you end up with skinny areas all over the place. it works great if it can stay put but one trip into the attic by a repairman and it will need to be raked back into place after he leaves.

I tell people if you are using blown insulation then roll out a bat insulation over the top of it to keep it where you want it.

your gone so its the next guys issue but when buying a new house keep what I said in mind. its a good product but it needs occasional maintenance and upkeep if its disturbed including high winds like storms and hurricanes you should check its still all in place. most houses don't have good attic ventilation and if that's how your house is then it will it stay put unless someone goes into the attic.
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