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Default 3-20-19 Calcasieu Point

Was at the point for daybreak. Fished a few spots I like just south of the point and not one bite. Water super clear! Could see bottom in 4 feet of water. Have to wade that spot one day. Anyway went back to where I was catching the pickles day bef Re and managed to box a limit of trout and one nice red. 30-40 trout caught to get my 15 and 3 reds all over 27" but kept one for the pit tonight. No size at all on the trout but most I talked to have not been catching any. They were in 8-10 feet of water. If u fished 12-14 fow or 3-6 fow I would not get a bite. Had to be in that 8-10 fow range to get em. Bull reds were 15 fow and were fun to catch. Took a quick pic although they are pickles and nothing to brag about it is my first trout limit of 2019. Water is beautiful! Again they would not hit anything but live shrimp. If shrimp was dead nothing! Had to be good and alive. Tried plastic and twitch baits again but would not bite anything but the live shrimp. Did not see any shad or mullet and I looked hard for some. Honestly these fish look like they are starving to death, lol. Very skinny fish! Except for the bull reds of course. Sure hoping we don't get a lot of rain cause it could be good start when it starts to warm up.
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