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Originally Posted by Shawn Braquet View Post
Out of curiosity, is the entire congregation aware of the "Church Security Team" or is it kept secret? Not jabbing or anything just curious. Part of me thinks it would be better as a secret but then again I could see where it would be better to known. I'm guessing the congregation is aware of it and that y'all are strategically seated to better optimize impact in case a situation arises.

Shawn, the law states that the Pastor must announce or place in the bulletin once a year, that we have an armed security team. My best guess would be that about 25% know, the other 75% never even thought that far. We are as discreet as possible. We all carry concealed and check each other for printing. Only way to know if someone is on the Security team is if they wear one of those Surveillance earpieces, and those are clear, vey hard to see. We stay as inconspicuous as possible. We have 5-7 on duty every service. They are strategically placed.
The few folks that finally realize we have a team are very pleased. We stay in contact with ALL the children's ministries by radio and have a member near that location.
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