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Originally Posted by speck-addict View Post
A350 is a solid gun. If it has a B to start the name chances are its very reliable. Beretta sold the heck out of the sister gun A400 but when it first came out had issues. I shot the outlander last year for a hunt when I forgot my SBE2 at the house in Lafayette the night before it handled well. However after switching to a Inertia driven gun I can't see myself going back to a gas power anytime soon. Just my opinion. However my back up shot gun is a Berretta extrema 2 which I have had no issues with and will be 10 years old this year. Long story short, that gun, if taken care of will last you. The berettas and Benellis are the remingingtons of the 70s-80s
Not to hijack but what about the inertia driven gun makes you not want to go back to gas.
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