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Default Playing Booray

I grew up watching my grand parents parents and extended family playing booray. Played wihen I was younger with friends and family. Kinda forgot about it for 20 years or so and not sure I remember all the play and strategy.

We always played with very simple rules.
You have to folow suit and if you cant you have to trump
You must play to win.

We also often played what we called force" pronounced foursay whick means no less than 3 must play. \

When drinking we solved the arguement of who did not ante up by making the dealer ante for every one. The deal rotated so if playing quarter antie the dealer put up all the quarters 5 people 1.25$ and the deal went around the table.

We played theat the dealors 5th card was trumps and this gave the dealor a slight advantage but since the deal rotated it evened out.

What if anything did yall do different. Got any stories??
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