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Originally Posted by Cappy View Post
We plaid ya hadda follow suit and ya hadda play to win. if an off suit was plaid you did not have one a bigger trump than you have was plaid you still had to play your trump you could not sluff off some other suit. That was part of it. I got in a game where they allowed sluffing and it messed me up in my strategy. I quit fast cause I was loosing plenty.

In my bunch card laid card played goes for all card games. Another family tradition is when you finish playing you knock the table to let everybody know ya through. No last minute plays that way.
ya that's the way we play too, you cant throw off cards on another suite unless your completely out of trump or its a reneige.

follow suite, or trump it, and if no trump, only then can you throw discards and you have to take the trick on your turn, no saving the king because the guy behind you flipped the ace. when its your turn, you have to beat whats on the board
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