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Originally Posted by Skeeterbite View Post
Geek It?s encouraging to hear you agree with 90% of what you?ve read in the Catechism. I?ve studied and discussed it with theologians for many years and have grown to agree with 100 % of it. As with myself perhaps discussion and healthy debate with a priest or theologian will help you understand the mere 10% you presently disagree with. It?s somewhat unusual today to find anyone in agreement with even 90 % of what a particular faith believes in. I am curious in what ways you and your family are targets of persecution from Catholics ?
Several years ago, my wife and I were teaching at a Christian school, and our children were also attending. Some Catholic teachers caused a stir, getting us fired and our children kicked out of the school, because we raised a question of conscience and asked that our children be excused from singing a song in the Christmas program (Queen of heaven, blessed may thou be) and also would not allow one of our children to attend a "Festival of Saturnalia" that a Catholic teacher had planned in place of the usual class Christmas party.
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