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Originally Posted by Raymond View Post
Nope, never said that. Said trained dogs are generally more pleasurable to be around and hunt with. See, you have never owned one but have a preconceived idea of what they are. Ask Braquet, Cajunforeman,Geraldtt,chicken, if they can tell a difference between what their thoughts are now versus before owning a trained dog. Anyone who says they don't want a trained dog is either lying or stupid. No different than saying you would hate to be rich, just a way to try and justify a shaky position; opinion not fact. You'll find more people who change their idea of trained dogs after owning one than those who say they'll go back to rocks.
See my dog is trained and it was trained by me. He cost me 600.00 when I bought him at 3 weeks old. He is very obedient and will do anything I ask of him. He is also one of my family laying in the utility room right now out the weather. You have always contradicted everyone on training there dog, that it has to be this way are you don't have nothing. Like force fetching that's bull to have to do it to dogs, now on some cases I understand. If you have to handle your dog the whole way on a blind don't come to our marsh unless you cant get him to go more than 50 yrds
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