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Default Texas has their share of dummies too

Cavalcade of the clueless — game wardens' job sometimes made easier by violators' ineptness

Catching people violating the state's game, fish, water safety and natural resource laws often involves intensely complex investigations, strategy and persistence by Texas game wardens.
But some cases are almost "gimmes." Violators regularly make it pretty simple for wardens to discover their misdeeds.
"Sometimes," a veteran Texas warden once told me, "you just have to wonder how some of these people can even dress themselves. They just aren't very bright."
Some of the cases and incidents from this week's Texas Parks and Wildlife Department law enforcement division's internal report certainly support that view.
Here, lightly edited, are a few briefs from this week's report:
• Dallas County Game Warden Sergio Bazaldua received a call early April 13 from a friend who was fishing at a marina at Joe Pool Lake. The caller said an angler fishing at the marina was keeping every crappie he caught, most of which were under the minimum length limit.
The caller also said he advised the angler that if he was caught he would be in a lot of trouble with the game warden. The angler told everyone fishing inside the fishing house at the marina that he did not care about game wardens and that he would never get caught.
Just as he was about to exit the fishing house, he encountered Warden Bazaldua who caught him with eight undersize crappie and no fishing license.
He was issued several citations.
• On Monday morning, April 12, Bandera County Game Warden Jeff Carter was patrolling Medina Lake when he came across a fisherman in a small boat who has had a history of keeping undersized fish.
The operator of the boat saw the game warden patrol boat coming towards him, and decided he needed to get to shore in a hurry — something made difficult by the tiny, 3.5-horsepower motor on the boat.
Needless to say, he didn't make it.
Warden Carter looked in the boat's ice chest where the operator advised he had some "small" ones.
The fisherman was filed on for four undersized hybrid striped bass.
• April 13th, Navarro County Game Warden Jimmy Woolley received information that an individual had posted a photo of himself with an illegally taken turkey on a social Internet site.
The subject in the photo was located and quickly identified another person as the real shooter.
An interview was conducted with the second subject, who confessed to the violation.
The turkey had been trapped in Blanco County and released by TPWD in February as part of a restocking program in Navarro County.
Case pending.
• Willacy County Game Wardens Oscar Castaneda and Luis Sosa apprehended three subjects attempting to catch and sneak 22 under-size speckled trout off a city pier in Port Mansfield during the night on April 13th.
While two of the subjects were reeling in the undersized fish, another subject was picking them up and running them to their car in a plastic sack, attempting to conceal each load.
The wardens made contact with the group as they were leaving the pier.
Several cases have been filed against the group and a strong suggestion made to them to follow the rules.
• On April 14, Willacy County Game Warden Robbie Robinson observed two trucks moving people to drop-off points along the floodways at the Cameron/Willacy county line.
Observing through his binoculars, Robinson saw a gillnet being left with each group.
After the final group was in position and the nets were placed in the water, Robinson began rounding up the surprised outlaw fishermen.
He apprehended 10 suspects and confiscated four illegal gillnets.
Cases are pending.
• Ward County Game Warden Chris Sanchez and Park Officer/Superintendent David Dotter received information of alleged poaching on the Monahans Sandhills State Park.
That evening they encountered four individuals equipped with an ATV, four dogs, a GPS unit and two firearms. They were on a guided "hog hunt."
Two of the individuals were jailed that night; multiple cases pending.
• Houston County Wardens Eddie Lehr and Zak Benge were patrolling the Trinity River on April 10 when they encountered a boat with three individuals fishing.
The men were extremely slow in reeling in their lines, and once the wardens inspected the bait on the hooks the reason was clear. They had caught a channel catfish approximately eight inches long and then cut it up to use for bait.
Case pending for using game fish as bait.
• On Saturday, April 10, Hardeman County Game Warden Matt Thompson and Wilbarger County Game Warden Dyke McMahen entered a turkey camp.
Two subjects were in camp working on the water line to their camper. One subject asked the wardens if he was Matt and stated that this was their first time to hunt and they were glad to meet the wardens.
The subjects stated that they had not been hunting yet, but were planning to go in the morning.
Wardens Thompson and McMahen then started to leave, and as the patrol truck was turning around they saw many sets of eyes in the headlights about 30 yards down a road at a spot normally used to dump carcasses.
They drove to where the eyes (belonging to coyotes, raccoons or other animals which scavenge scraps from carcasses) were and found a freshly taken breasted out wild turkey. The wardens returned to the camp where one of the subjects confessed to illegally taking the bird, and stated the meat was in the refrigerator in the camper.
When the wardens checked, the meat was not there.
The other subject stated that when he saw the two wardens driving to where the carcass was, he decided it would be best to throw the bag of evidence under the bed.
• On April 10, Jefferson County Game Wardens Colt Crawford, Kirk Jenkins and Robbie Smith along with Game Warden Cadets Pokorney, Smith and Vannoy worked out of the SAFE Boat, a new high-speed, high-tech patrol vessel the agency recently acquired.
They boarded a commercial shrimp boat and made the following cases: exceeding the bag limit on flounder, exceeding the bag limit of red snapper, issued a warning for possession of headed and tailed fish. They seized 21 fish.
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Default Funny game warden report

Newton County Wardens Bradley Smith and Ellis Powell were dragging the Sabine River for hoop nets April 6 when their boat was commandeered by a large water moccasin.

After several new dance steps were practiced, and with the help of the paddle, everyone returned to their proper place. Dragging operation continued.
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The reason they have limits on game and fish is so our kids and grand kids will be able to enjoy the outdoors.if there were no limits them people like the ones you just posted would wipe out all the fish and kill all the game species.sad thing is these people don't care and will continue to be outlaws. A local warden here told me he checked a father and young son who had several rat reds. He told the warden he was playing the game. Warden asked what game was he says you know the one were I catch undersized fish and you try to catch me.that's what you teach your kids. He was issued tickets.
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