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Old 12-28-2010, 12:42 PM
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Default Electric Atv's

Im in the market for an electric cart for hunting purposes. I would like you guys take on them. The Pros and Cons. I have researched online several brands, including - Stealth, HuntVe, Polaris, Bad Boy Buggie, & Rough N Tough, but i would like actual users reviews rather than a sales guys pitch. Any info would be much appreciated.
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Old 12-28-2010, 08:34 PM
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Default Elec. 4x4

Last december i bought a Bad Boy loaded out, $12790.00, for the $6000.00 tax credit. I had never driven one my self but my brother was on his third one so I assumed it was worth it. I drove all the way to Bastrop to pick it up, they put it on the trailer for me. once I got back to Lafayette with it I went staight to the barn with it. Once I got it on the ground i tried to turn left into the barn and was very surprised. The turning radius to the right is most propably about 15 feet, the turning radius to the left is "TEXAS"! I quickly found out why, the front motor on a bad boy is offset so much to the right side of the cart, that the front of the right tire is not allowed to turn to much or it will hit the motor. The other thing i do not care about BAD BOYs is the console in the middle of the floor board. The gas peddle is almost up against the wall of the console and it takes up to much foot space, when i had it i almost always drove with my left foot hanging overboard,that was more comfortable to me. The reason for the console is, that is where they put batteries 7 & 8. So guess what, when you need to add water to your batteries you must remove the console to get to those two. Another thing I did not care for is that a BAD BOY is always in 4 wheel drive unless you know how to work a trick with the key switch. Being in 4wd all the time will reduce the range of a fully charged set of batteries. Once I started using it for Turkey season I was noticing some suspension and drive train noises. Getting back to camp I got my grease gun and lubed every grease zirt on the cart. Problem solved,.......for about 5 mile, then all the noises were back. Again I greased everything, with the same results. Quiet for about 5 miles then all the noises again.

The next weekend I hunted with a friend that had a 4 year old HUNTve. After hunting all weekend on his cart, with no noises, having a full floor board, the same turning radius left or right, I quickly put my Bad boy up for sale. I sold it for $9900.00 after only having it for 4 months, but with the $6000.00 tax credit i was still almost $3000.00 to the good.

I bought a brand new HUNTve Game Changer, it is more expensive than the Bad Boy but this is why:

better turning radius
full floor board
2wd or 4wd at the flip of a switch
front and rear locking differentials
aluminum frame...... Bad Boys is steel
on board computer to program cart for your preferences
quieter ride
2 minute quick fill for all batteries at the same time
100% american made
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Old 12-29-2010, 10:26 AM
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I too heard the Bad Boy was a giant POS!!
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Old 12-29-2010, 10:35 AM
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stealths appear to be well made... The owner came to ULM and did a business presentation once cause the used to be built in West Monroe and they seemed nice but ive never driven one... Bad Boy is chinese junk
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