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Old 04-27-2014, 05:08 PM
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Default Weekend Reports from Dularge/Cocodrie

Last Friday I started the weekend offshore. Caught a livewell full of pogies in Lake Pelto and blazed south. I was hoping to find the cobia stacked up like they were on Wednesday but they had disappeared. I fiddled around too long trying to find them then went further south looking for shrimp boats. After a long enough ride without seeing one, I decided to drop for a grouper. Hooked up with something huge that I couldn't get out of the rig and took everything I had including a 900 lb steel cable leader. So here we are nearing noon with clean ice. Of course I was getting mad at a fish. Time to change zip codes. Further south I knew where I could catch an easy limit of jacks but really wanted something different. My bachelor party crew was having the time of their lives anyway even with clean ice! Pulling up to the AJ spot and we dropped a few Anteater Jigs along with some live pogies. A chum slick was also started looking for a few blackfin. 1 AJ later and we spotted a lit up wahoo in our chum slick. I am open to suggestions on how to catch a wahoo in your chum slick as I threw everything in the boat at it and it wouldn't eat. Strangely enough, we may have caught it later....

On to saving the day.... After seeing this I quickly switched gears and dug up anything I could find to make some wahoo ready rigs. I didn't have much to work with except some old wire leaders and a few marlin baits. I also had an old bag of frozen shrimp boat goodies to choose from. With 3 rigs ready to roll I found some ribbon fish to put the stink on the hooks. Lines out and we are fishing. First pass we hook up with a snake. Now we're cooking with hot grease! It was 1:30 at this point and we kept trolling hard to get some blood on the deck. Finally we hooked up with a stud. At 3:00 we rigged back up for jacks and quickly put 4 more in the box. I was working an Anteater jig off the bottom and got a bite. Missed. Sent it back down and this time I hook up. The fish started dumping line so I handed it to the bachelor. He was cussing me and says why you want to make me fight a shark!!! Not only was this fish dumping line but it was going straight back behind the boat. I quickly informed him that it was a shark. 20 minutes later I stuck the gaff in the wahoo!!!! Roger. A wahoo on one of Harry's jigs! Awesome, we were stoked! After that we plucked a few blackfin on the troll to top off the day!!!

Saturday I had an inshore trip and with high hopes for trout we set out at daylight. 1st stop 0. Second stop 0. 3rd stop 0. Scratching my head. Ok, lets go inside and see if we can find a red. First two casts produced reds. 3rd cast trout. I think we got lucky and found the only trout in the area because it was fish on! We quickly put 20 trout in the box before the bite died and went to another spot for reds. They were chewing pretty good and although most were under 16" we boxed 15 eaters. Needless to say Sunday was blown out but the weekend was great!!!
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