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Old 01-21-2019, 09:46 AM
swampman46 swampman46 is offline
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Default Saints robbed!

A side judge was a few feet from the play and no call? Should have been first and goal at the 5 yard line. The only thing that can stop this from happening again is to allow teams to challenge ALL calls...not just certain calls. Especially in a playoff game! Not to mention way too many of this game's refs with ties to L.A. The NFL needs alot of work in the off season.
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Old 01-21-2019, 02:20 PM
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The problem was there was no call to challenge the ref is blind
If you are color blind do not call VB water green if it is not.....
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Old 01-21-2019, 04:33 PM
tojoe tojoe is offline
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You must remember, that was a huge market against a small market. It is not team against team. Saints are a small market. LA is well LA. It is one of the biggest markets in the world with very little interest by the locals currently. LA getting to the super bowl helps promote football in LA to increases revenue.
While the game was not "fixed", with the referees help, it was manipulated. A call or no call here or there and momentum is changed by the zebras.
Make no mistake, in this billion dollar industry, this was all about money and markets.
With all that said, I am still pissed!
But what do I know, I am just a dumb coonass working in the oilfield, right?
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Old 01-22-2019, 08:16 PM
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it's just karma comming around for all that kneeling and bad mouthing trump. fine with me.
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Old 01-25-2019, 04:19 PM
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It was FIXED... 2 Ref's involved were from LA area. One is a former player for the Rams...

How were they even able to be involved ref'ing that game??? *** !!! And It wasn't fixed U say??

Sean Payton owns some of the loss.. He called a slant pass play to Mike T. which was incomplete. which stopped the clock ... Then the No call imcomplete play.. Now its 4 th down, Rams at that time had 1 time out.. If U run on second down. Rams call time out. There last. now u run the ball again.. They can't call time out.. We call time out with 1 sec on the play clk.. There should be ;ess than 1 min on the clk... They they start the clk.. as we kick the go-ahead field goal.... They should have 30 seconds or less by the time they get the ball...

No call and poor head coach play calling in last 2 mins of the game lost it for the Saints.

Ps. The hit on Brees that Rams intercepted should have been roughing the passer.
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Old 02-05-2019, 12:22 AM
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Call timeout so they can review the helmet to helmet since pass interference can't be reviewed. I didn't watch a single snap of the sb.
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