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About Salty Cash

What is Salty Cash?
Salty Cash is an awards system by which you can accumulate a higher value based on performing activities that are considered positive for the forum's growth, or lose value for performing activities considered negative.

How do I get Salty Cash?
Salty Cash is automatically awarded based on forum participation. You get a predefined amount of cash for each activity you perform that is deemed productive for the community, such as visiting the forum regularly, referring new members, creating threads, replying to threads, etc. Posting fishing reports gains you more Salty Cash than posting a standard thread, because it is deemed more valuable to the forum. Sending PMs and posting pictures (except in the fishing reports forums) cost you Salty Cash, because they typically don't help the forum thrive. Premium members accumulate Salty Cash faster than standard members, and do not lose cash for sending PMs and posting pictures.

Salty Cash can also be awarded manually by the Admins for activities that go above and beyond, including posting a very detailed fishing report, helping with a Salty Cajun function, getting Salty Cajun in a newspaper, magazine, or linked to by another site, or similar actions.

Large amounts of Salty Cash may be taken away for actions that harm the forum, such as receiving infractions, getting banned, or drawing negative attention/publicity to the site.

I did something positive for the forum. How do I get Salty Cash for it?
If you get Salty Cajun advertised in a publication, fly a Salty Cajun banner at an event, or something similar to help spread the word about us, let us know! Please take a picture of the banner at the event, scan the article, or provide some verifiable information, and we'll award you some Salty Cash. You can PM ckinchen or send an email with the information to .

What is Salty Cash used for?
Salty Cash can be used for many things, including raffles, promotions, and other uses as allowed by the Admins. We will occasionally hold raffles, either for a large amount of Salty Cash or for a real prize such as a rod/reel, TV, Salty Cajun merchandise, etc, and raffle tickets may only be purchased with Salty Cash. These raffles will be announced in the Everything Else forum when they are created, and they are also viewable by clicking on Raffles in the navigation bar at the top of the forum.

In the near future, Salty Cash may also be setup to allow you to upgrade to a premium membership, buy certain goods from sponsors, etc, but this functionality is not yet installed.

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